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the whitest kids u’ know season 1 episode 9

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  1. missmagg100 says:

    best one man!!!!!!

  2. 95McLovin says:

    “If you were a hammer how would you use me?”, “You could use me to fuck the shit of you” haha

  3. Mossossoppo says:

    “I want to mace you in the face and make you shit on a carp. “

  4. wildebeastjr says:

    the best part is with sam in the end lolololol

  5. boya3bisexualemogirl says:

    looooooooool thes is fuckd up

  6. moopy141 says:

    because of the jews!!!

  7. mcat95 says:

    @conewells You can make it look like you have boobs, but it’s hard to make it look like you don’t have boobs and not look. . . stupid.

  8. XXXbrutalbrennaxX666 says:

    trevor at the end was my favorite :)

  9. SassySlug says:

    “I wanna thwap you in the face with my erection. ” LOL

  10. BCONN96 says:

    timmys my fav! i just wanna fuck u in the face

  11. themaster862 says:


  12. hslafkjkladhjsfklasj says:

    Zach makes a great perv

  13. beechcraft12 says:

    @sykoman31 YESSS

  14. tarktarkwing123 says:

    Its funny cuz its true lol

  15. sykoman31 says:

    “i just wanna grab your face, and fuck it”
    lmao timmy

  16. utoober5 says:

    lmfao “I wanna thwap you in the face with my erection.

  17. Kino5journey says:

    Zack was talking about the age of consent laws, that is the law that tells you what age you are legally allowed to have sex or something like that.

  18. conewells says:

    Why is it that guys can look pretty dressed as girls, but girls look mostly horrible dressed as guys. . . . . . Anybody?

  19. eliownsyou says:

    What was Zach talking about?

  20. gounicorns says:

    thats the point

  21. GoddessOfLoL1995 says:


  22. TurtleGodConnor says:

    Shit on a tarp

  23. ice203113 says:

    wtf shes a guy

  24. lukev7 says:

    zack is sexy

  25. pezelbuda says:

    that’s so like we men really think
    no further comments, and for “HubCool367″ comment, you can suck my dick aswell idiot

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